Have you been charged a hidden commission?

People in the UK could be due a refund after being overcharged on credit they have taken out since the 1990’s.

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How Much Can I Get Back?

If you have been sold a secret commission you would not have been aware but you may have been charged  extra fees. This can be refunded from the lender via our legal team. 

Am I Eligible?

Your eligibility for a refund is based around if your policy was subject to a commission and if you were not made  fully aware of all charges. Any policy taken out from 1990 may have included these additional fees.

How does it work?

Once your application has been completed  your case will be reviewed by one of our legal team.

I didn't have to do any chasing

"I didn’t have to do any chasing for my claim. The paperwork was sent for me to sign. Then claim lion did all the work very professional."


October 2023


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"Very straightforward Just right amount of back and forth communication with easy to understand details. The various agents I communicated with always came back promptly and answered my queries. I would definitely recommend using their services."


November 2022


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"They successfully completed my claim in excellent time and are to be highly recommended."


March 2023